My name is Boris Ilchenko. I was born and grew up in Kamchatka, Russia. My grandfather participated in battle of Shimushu in 1945. My dad is a retired civil aviation engineer. As you see, my interest in WW2, history, and aviation is not by chance.


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This is me in 1978, greeting the first non-stop IL-62M flight from Moscow to Petropavlovsk, along with my dad and his co-workers. Note the tail of Li-2 at the right side of the picture. 


Kamchatka was the last region of the USSR where Li-2, the license-built Soviet version of DC-3, was used on the regional routes. When my dad returned to Kamchatka in 1961 as a fresh grad from Riga's Institute of Civil Air Fleet Engineers, he was quite surprised to realize that Li-2s are going to be the mainstay of his fleet for another decade! (Pictured here at the controls of DC-3 in Oshkosh in 2004)

Since I never became a pilot, I had to find an alternative source of adrenalin. This is me in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in search of powder.

To keep it simple, it has been my hobby ever since I learned how to use basic tools. As I entered adult life, my priorities have naturally shifted, but I always knew, that some day I will get back to the workbench. So, about 15 years ago I had my "modeling rebound".

Still wonder, for better or for worse?