11 Jun 1942:

Patrol Squadron VP-51 arrived at Kodiak with nine PBYs to joint Patrol Air Wing Four and to participate in Kiska Blitz.

14 June 1942:

04483 transferred from VP-61 

1 July 1942:

6 PBY-5 in Sand Point


1 August 1942:

6 PBY-5 in Sand Point

10 August 1942:

Six PBY crews from VP-41 and VP-51 flew into Kiska Harbor under a low overcast and dropped bombs on Japanese installations.  One bomb hit the beached Kano Maru, finishing the job begun by the crew of the submarine Grunion.

21 August 1942:

Relieved by VP-61 with 8 planes in Sand Point. VP-51’s planes (six PBY-5s) are flown to Kodiak on August 22 and kept there.

26 August 1942:

04427 lost in NORPAC (DC, no details)

This squadron did not return to the Aleutians after August 1942.