VB-139, 2nd tour.


The first PV-2 Squadron in the Aleutians


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By 3/12/1945 entire squadron minus one PV-2 arrived to Attu to relieve VPB-136. Joined searches in conjunction with VPB-131 started as early as 3/14/45.


For further details please refer to the VB/VPB-139 Historical Survey

3/26/45 PV-2 BuNo 37065 crashed and burned at Shemya. Lt Dulin overshot the runway on instrument approach through severe snow squall. Crew survived with minor injuries.

4/22/45 PV-2 BuNo 37075 did not return from routine search flight off Attu.
Lt. William Duncan See (A1) 130238
Ens. Jack Holton Hawley (A1) 351041
Ens. Russel Fairfax Miller (A1) 407176
John Pickney Carr 8674060 ARM2c
Randolph Carlos Keister 8347435, AOM3c
Richard Donald Callecod, 6277418, AMM2

8/8-8/10/45 12 planes of VB-135 arrived to Attu to relive VB-139
8/19/45 official relieve by VB-135
9/13/45 VPB-139 was officially decommissioned at N. A. S. Seattle



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